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So. Customer Service Appreciation Week is coming up. Of course tech support began planning for a month before our Director of Finance reminded them that my department is OFFICIALLY known as Customer Service and they realized they needed to include us too. Oops.

I’ve been working to make sure we get recognized for the shit we put up with. A lot of people work their asses off for no recognition. It is a constant struggle because we know who works hard, but we are the only ones.

Tech support wants each floor to print out customer surveys that each technician gets after fixing a problem. I interrupt them. “We don’t get surveys.” Oh, well, you can print out the customer feedback people leave your managers. A long pause. “When they leave feedback with a manager, it usually isn’t a good thing.”

The other departments can have their surveys. I am finding the best of the worst memes and putting those up instead.

(Better than the ones the Director of Finance already posted around)

Out of the blue, my mom suggested I join a church singles group because she’s concerned I don’t date. And promptly wanted to know if I was “a complete atheist now” when I turned the idea down flat.

My DAD said that he could take me with him to a dog show where he could introduce me to all sorts of nice, young men that are “Just like your brother!” And then he giggled for five minutes because Andrew is as gay as a maypole

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